Here are some Videos for you!!

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Is Home So Sweet? A Message Right Before the Corona Quarantine
Quick & Easy Self-Care for Moms
Managing Chaos as a Mother ~ Wine @ 9 with Rina
Mommies & ANGER!! What to do when you get Really Mad!
My Jewish Headcovering Highs & Lows – LIVE in a $50 wig!
Change your Mind, Change your Family: Introducing my Mindset Makeover Course
How I Keep Kosher at my Mom’s House in the Sticks of South Carolina
Our Part in Influencing God’s Decisions: Excerpts from “The Secret to Miraculous Salvations”
Manifesting Moshiach (Messiah) THIS Tisha B’av Shabbos!!
3 Gratitude Secrets to Co-Create Your Dream Reality