Book Rina to Speak

Rina speaks to women and girls in a relaxed, fun, and inspiring way.

Topics Include:

  • “Candidly Converting” – Why I chose Judaism after spending 30 years in fundamental Christianity,  the one Bible passage that convinced me J.C. isn’t the Messiah, how I can still maintain relationships with non-Jewish friends and family, how my soul loves seltzer and what it’s like to taste gefilte fish for the first time.
  • “Believe It Or Not!  Your Mind Can Change Your Life!” – an interactive, audience-led demonstration of the life changing power of our beliefs.
  • “Hashem’s Lemonade – What to Do When Life Squeezes You Too Hard” – an emuna workshop inspired by Rabbi Shalom Arush and my own challenging experiences, including a worksheet for each participant to process a specific problem or pain in her life.
  • “Reclaiming Your Femininity.”  How to communicate like a woman, feel your feelings, and speak a language that truly gets heard without sacrificing your feminine soul.
  • “Mommies Unite for the Night!”  A fun mom’s-night-out workshop sharing the joys and struggles of normal mothers in the trenches of crazy motherhood.  Bring your war stories.  There will be wine and chocolate.

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