“Sad Mommy” Mindset Makeover Course

Sometimes it feels awful to be a mom. You’re raging. You’re guilty. You’re all over the place doing things and nothing is getting done, and everyone’s crying, most of all you, and dinner still isn’t even defrosted.

All the parenting courses in the world don’t work when you’re overwhelmed and snapping. Wine isn’t really the answer (except sometimes.)

On top of the everyday stress-hustle are the really big worries – all your children’s physical, spiritual, social, emotional, behavioral, and educational challenges that weigh you down like a stack of bricks. Are they bringing you closer or do you feel your kids slipping through the cracks? Do you have any clue what to do for them?

What about you and your own needs?

Does motherhood really have to be this way?

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“Whoa. I did NOT realize I was dragging these thoughts around with me. You rocked my world! I had sunk into feeling resentful and overwhelmed, beaten down and totally convinced I was the worst mom failure in the neighbourhood. I bought the criticism I had been fed hook line and sinker, and repeated it to myself 24/7.

But its allllllllll thought. All of it. And I DON’T have to think it. I can think something else. I can see my sucesses, focus on them, dream about them and self-talk my way into a new life!!! I’m ok. More than ok. I’m great. My kids are great kids.

Keep teaching. Your course changed 6 lives here in Israel!!! You are a messenger from Hashem to pick me off the floor and shift my whole ….everything.

Thanks!! The mommy makeover works!”

We all know motherhood is HARD but it can be BETTER.

Confession time – I have struggled as a mother — I have three beautiful boys, and have had significant challenges, and on top of that I’m flying solo as a single mom. I NEEDED to find answers or I would feel out of control all the time. These are some of the powerful answers I found through searching, prayer, and openness, and quite a bit of trial and error.

I know what it feels like to fail, and I want to teach you exactly where our nastiest feelings come from and how to change them. I know I can help you minimize worry, guilt and frustration and bring all your gifts to your family.

I will be holding your hand (virtually of course) for 8 short days through a powerful process with simple exercises and mindset shifts. You will be supported not just by me but by a group of amazing mamas in my private FB group.

By the end of the 8 days, I guarantee (or yes, your $ back!) you will::

1. Learn how to fix your mood, any minute of the day, in an instant!

2. Figure out exactly where the bad feels are coming from, and address the root.

3. Start replacing worry with power — it’s all happening in your head and when you change your thoughts you’ll see your outcomes changing too.

4. Get really clear on the exact challenges facing each child, your family in general, and you as a mother. If you don’t name the problems, you can’t find the solutions.

5. Be supported as you create your customized dream solutions, and start believing they can come true.

6. Visualize and manifest yourself into a state of bliss and gratitude — BEFORE anything changes in your reality — and how gratitude changes your reality.

7. Use your words and thoughts with intention to create positive outcomes.

8. What are your strengths as a mother – start believing how awesome you are!

I believe in the power of these concepts to bring peace, love, and solutions to families. I believe in the power of MOTHERS to build beautiful children and homes. Moms really do make miracles.

Mama, get ready to join me for 10 minutes a day, for 8 days. It’s a small time investment for a huge payoff if you grasp and implement what we’re going to learn here. You can potentially transform your whole perspective on parenting, on life, and on yourself, and see some radical changes happen in your family. I really can’t wait to hear your results!



“Thank you, Rina! What has been very powerful for me is writing down my Hit List and then turning into positives saying it out loud. I find myself doing this daily and writing down the dreams I have for my children and making them into present tense.

So very empowering! Thank you for your creativity on putting out this course. Thank you for this amazing gift. May you see your hard work and visions come to be.”

Rachael D. mom of 3

“I love the empowerment!

Machshava (thought), dibur (speech), maaseh (action) – those are the three levels to making a new habit/effecting change/manifesting something. It’s a chassidic concept which clearly came to you intuitively 😉

I love how short it was, not overwhelming. Eightdays feels like a totally doable commitment. The ten minutes per day also feels very realistic. The homework feels easy. The concept is insanely powerful. Overall – short, sweet, awesome.

I’m only on day 6, and loving it!”

Tova B, Maryland

“I’m really excited about this. My 16-year-old son has been struggling in school. This past weekend, we started talking about his grades and he got defensive. The convo didn’t go terrible, but it didn’t go great either.

He just came home, and I was thinking about the grade talk. I started saying to myself like Rina’s teachings, “He is so smart, he can do this, he can get good grades.” When he walked in, my heart was soft. I asked him to come sit with me on the couch and asked him to hold my hand. He looked at me like I had lost my mind but grinned a little.

I told him I had been thinking about our talk. I asked him if he knew why I wanted him to go to college. He said, “Because college is good?!” I said ” No… because you want to go to college!” I told him I believed in him and that I wanted him to do better because I knew he could, and I wanted him to prove to me and everyone else that he could. He smiled and said ok. The tone and energy of our encounter was amazing and my heart is smiling from the inside. And best of all I left the convo also feeling good about me. I’m feeling like my life is about to drastically change for the better.

Thank you Rina Bethea!!!! This course has helped me to put more emphasis on my thoughts. I find most days I float around doing what I do, but without sharp focus (in anything) I don’t move forward or grow. Just like with exercising your body you have to think about it, focus on your goal and then act. Your mind is no different.

Thank you for these tools to help not only be a better momma, but to live a more peaceful life with ourselves. ♡♡♡”

Jessica J, South Carolina, mom of 4

“This is the FIRST emunah/manifesting class I’ve ever done that uses speech. Kudos! Also, I’m thinking I might do the short-term manifesting on my step-kids lol, cuz that could use some work!”

Leah M, Houston, mom of 10

“Love this. I started off with a whole lot of negative thoughts, not just about my kids, but about my ability to relate to them and help them. I can’t wait to start this assignment and turn all those negative thoughts into positive ones! Thank you, Rina!”

Wendy C., mom of 2

“I’m serious about working on myself- doing whatever I was put on this earth to do is a high priority for me. I was given two of the most beautiful and amazing challenges and I am in it to win it. I want them to win. I want to be as big as my soul was intended to be.

My biggest takeaway from this course is rewording my thoughts. Turning a negative thought into a positive one. This speaks to my natural tendency towards optimism and creativity. Essentially, it’s provided a new avenue for me to be who I truly am. I’m now working on rewording negative thoughts I have to positive ones, with regards to, well, everything. My husband, my family, my friends, my city, my state, my country. I figure all of these groups should have positive energy headed to them as opposed to negative.

This class has provided a huge springboard for me in working on my evil speech (lashon hara)- something I have been dealing with my whole adult life and have constantly stumbled with. Now I feel like I have finally grown enough and have a real tool to combat it. I have by no means beat this yet, but I have upgraded my weaponry. 😉

Such a great class!! Still working on the clean floors though- haven’t found my perfect solution for that yet, lol!”

Katy H.

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