Will Hashem Really Take Care of Me?

I'm hesitant to write about my latest miracle, because I don't want pity or worry or judgment.  So as you read this, can you please just focus on the miracle, the Truth in this latest event in the saga called Rina's life. April was Pesach and I missed a lot of work.  (I work by... Continue Reading →


When Your Soul Feels Unworthy (Spooky Signs from the Universe)

The only point of life, really, I have come to conclude - is to complete your soul's mission.  Rectification. Ascension. Purification.  Learn the lesson your soul needed (or wanted) to learn. Take a step higher on the soul level.  Tikkun.  I love this word.  It means "rectification or fixing." Rewind to reincarnation. I grew up... Continue Reading →

Thanking G-d for Life’s Bitter Lemons

I'm still drinking that spiritual lemon water from last night.  So my neshama (soul) is supposed to be great.  Interesting.  That's what's happening here.  And I'm supposed to thank G-d for all the lemons.  If you are completely confused, please read Lemon Water for Your Soul first then come back here. I've been contemplating a long time... Continue Reading →

What Ahavas Yisrael Looks Like

First, what does Ahavas Yisrael even mean?  Love for Israel.  By Israel, I mean the people, the nation, the Jews, each other.  Jewish unity.  I just saw and felt what it looks like and feels like, coming back from a Jewish women's retreat made up of very diverse women. It looks like No Judgment.  It... Continue Reading →

A Mommy Rant about Lunchboxes

Can I rant about something totally meaningless for a moment?  Lunchboxes!  I bought my kids the most adorable animal lunchboxes.  Here, see, aren't they adorable? Presumably, in my mind, if a kid takes his lunch to school in a cute lunch box it will make up for all my other failures as a mother. It will... Continue Reading →

No Cloud Lasts Forever

I saw your face in the darkness of my mind, with my eyes closed and covered by satin in a quiet yoga studio.  I saw your face smiling gently, when you loved me, if you loved me. The Soothing Mother reads poetry, truth:  No Cloud Lasts Forever. As I lay dead as The Corpse. I let... Continue Reading →

Grandma’s House

I had many happy memories as a child, despite my recent portrayal of fear and chaos and extremism.  So now I'll share some of those, and I want to dedicate it to my Grandmother, Viola, who passed away several years ago, to Papa Bill and his new wife Judy, and to My Mom, who deserves... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Extremists

After writing The Man in a Dress at a Simcha (which I later removed to protect him and his family) and acknowledging my bias from my pre-conversion Christian past, then being confronted about it, then considering calling in for backup a Jewish guy with more sources than me (a Boss for truth who frequently gets himself in trouble... Continue Reading →

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