Who are the Women who Made You?

I'm in coaching school now at The Redemption School with Rivka Malka Perlman.  I'm actually being a student and fully immersing myself in the experience (usually I'm an admin and background support).  The exercises that RMP leads us through are FASCINATING and powerful.  Today we learned about The Future Self, a tool to take someone... Continue Reading →

The Bible portion that Made Me Convert to Judaism…

With all the hurricanes and fires and earthquakes happening, many have been talking about a wake-up call.  Is G-d trying to get our attention?  Is the end near?  What does "the end" even mean? I saw a man on the streets of Baltimore preaching something.  He may or may not have been crazy.  I was... Continue Reading →

What’s “True” About Your Current Situation?

I grew up religious religious religious Christian, with a very absolute view of truth.  The Bible is true.  This pastor is true.  Right and wrong are true and false.  Black and white are wrong and right. True. In this religious atmosphere, badness was everywhere.  Movies were bad.  Dancing was bad. Drinking was bad.  Secular books... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Redemption (in a Courtroom)

I am in a courtroom.  I'm in the victim witness waiting room.  I'm a witness, for my son, the victim.  I'm the victim.  (I am so tired of being the victim.)  Today, I'm fairly certain, will be a delay, a formality, another step in the long hike toward justice for my son.  Hashem, your justice... Continue Reading →

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