Racism and Abuse in the Jewish Community (My Pains Collide)

I’m sitting across from a yummy brown-skinned boy in clean dinosaur pjs playing a video game on my phone (so I can type this passionate raging article I’m about to type). He’s playing and I hear shooting sounds and he says in his sing-song voice, “I’m fighting bad guys, I’m fighting bad guys.” He’s what... Continue Reading →

38 Affirmations for a Happy Life

We get stuck in our stories, the "facts" as we see them.  Which, often are only side vapors of the truth.  I like to write affirmations.  True truths.  Truths I can trust.  Even when they feel false, they are true.  And the more I say them, feel them, breathe them, the more I believe them. ... Continue Reading →

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