A Mommy Rant about Lunchboxes

Can I rant about something totally meaningless for a moment?  Lunchboxes!  I bought my kids the most adorable animal lunchboxes.  Here, see, aren't they adorable? Presumably, in my mind, if a kid takes his lunch to school in a cute lunch box it will make up for all my other failures as a mother. It will... Continue Reading →


Grandma’s House

I had many happy memories as a child, despite my recent portrayal of fear and chaos and extremism.  So now I'll share some of those, and I want to dedicate it to my Grandmother, Viola, who passed away several years ago, to Papa Bill and his new wife Judy, and to My Mom, who deserves... Continue Reading →

Grape Juice Surprise at the Seder

So I'm all dolled up in the Longest Sheital Ever (henceforth referred to as LSE), for the second night seder with my kids.  I wrangled them to take a nap, and now the time has come to wake them up from it.  I hear a thud.  One has fallen.  Off my bed, the only place... Continue Reading →

How I Used to Prep for Pesach

I used to start two days after Purim.  Everyone needs a breather between holidays, right. I used to clean every mirror in my house, and wash every baseboard. I used to schlep (move) all the decorative things, platters, vases, pitchers out of my dining room and down to the basement. I used to clean out the... Continue Reading →

Mothering the Moshiach

When we visited Israel last Sukkot (2013), we sat in a sukkah at a beautiful gourmet meal, and as it very regularly happens, the story of our Jewish conversion came up... We told it for the first time in Israel, in Yerushalayim, in the Holy City, and I will never forget our hostess's response. “Wow,... Continue Reading →

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