Dance in the Rain (Responding to Life’s Hurricanes)

I'm not exactly dancing, but I'm not just standing here getting soaked either.  It has been raining stress and uncertainty for a long time, but this month has escalated.  I flip flop between lows of emotion - tears, despair, confusion - and highs of elation - emuna, peace, power.  I'm not judging myself for any... Continue Reading →


When We’re Left with Nothing But Hashem… (Salvations & Sweet Tea)

I'm strangely relaxed.  Kind of in a stupor.  It is Rosh Chodesh Elul.  I have all kinds of "shoulds" floating in my brain.  I should be working harder.  I should be planning something.  I should be making phone calls.  But I'm sitting in Barnes & Noble drinking a sweet iced tea looking at the harbor.... Continue Reading →

What’s “True” About Your Current Situation?

I grew up religious religious religious Christian, with a very absolute view of truth.  The Bible is true.  This pastor is true.  Right and wrong are true and false.  Black and white are wrong and right. True. In this religious atmosphere, badness was everywhere.  Movies were bad.  Dancing was bad. Drinking was bad.  Secular books... Continue Reading →

Waiting on Redemption (in a Courtroom)

I am in a courtroom.  I'm in the victim witness waiting room.  I'm a witness, for my son, the victim.  I'm the victim.  (I am so tired of being the victim.)  Today, I'm fairly certain, will be a delay, a formality, another step in the long hike toward justice for my son.  Hashem, your justice... Continue Reading →

Will Hashem Really Take Care of Me?

I'm hesitant to write about my latest miracle, because I don't want pity or worry or judgment.  So as you read this, can you please just focus on the miracle, the Truth in this latest event in the saga called Rina's life. April was Pesach and I missed a lot of work.  (I work by... Continue Reading →

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