How to Fall in Love with God Again

The other day I picked up a 12-Step Addiction Recovery book, and became inspired to invent a really luxurious, awesome, perfect Higher Power for myself - a new God that I would enjoy believing in and fully trust.  (Stay with me, I assure you I haven't gone "off the derech" or created a cult...) Many... Continue Reading →

How I Became Jewish at Four Women’s Tables

I was blessed to have a VERY God-fearing, Pentacostal grandmother, my dad’s mother Mary Ellen Jeffcoat.  She had long silver hair that she didn’t believe in cutting, because the Bible says a woman’s hair is her glory.  She always pinned it into a bun, because the Bible also says a woman is supposed to be... Continue Reading →

How is Anger the Opposite of Emuna?

We're allowed to be angry.  It's a human emotion.  It's there, created by our Creator, for a reason, as my friend in my FB group so eloquently put it:  "It’s truly a gift 🎁 and a lightbulb moment to help us notice, something is amiss...there’s something I must repair here..." For me, as I thought about what... Continue Reading →

The Moon, The Trees, and A Courtroom

I am sitting in a gorgeous old courtroom with intricate ceilings, waiting to convince the judge I’m not a great candidate for jury duy.  I don’t really want to be here; who loves jury duty?  I chickened out about wearing my “You Are Fake News” baseball cap that was going to be my surefire ticket... Continue Reading →

38 Affirmations for a Happy Life

We get stuck in our stories, the "facts" as we see them.  Which, often are only side vapors of the truth.  I like to write affirmations.  True truths.  Truths I can trust.  Even when they feel false, they are true.  And the more I say them, feel them, breathe them, the more I believe them. ... Continue Reading →

Who are the Women who Made You?

I'm in coaching school now at The Redemption School with Rivka Malka Perlman.  I'm actually being a student and fully immersing myself in the experience (usually I'm an admin and background support).  The exercises that RMP leads us through are FASCINATING and powerful.  Today we learned about The Future Self, a tool to take someone... Continue Reading →

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