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How to Feel Better About Motherhood

Being a mom is supposed to be the most rewarding, joyous role on earth, and sometimes it is. But let’s face it, sometimes being a mom feels awful. Tired. Overwhelmed. Resentful. Worried.  Did I say tired?   If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy! Confession - I’m a single parent of three boys under the age… Continue reading How to Feel Better About Motherhood

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My Headcovering Highs & Lows (Live Video!)

In this FB Live video I talk for 42 minutes about hair!! LOL!  But it was about soooo much more...My rebellion against Jewish hair-covering when I was angry at God.My fears of losing my beauty when I was first starting to cover my hair with a scarf.How much we pay for wigs as Jewish women! … Continue reading My Headcovering Highs & Lows (Live Video!)


How I Became Jewish at Four Women’s Tables

I was blessed to have a VERY God-fearing, Pentacostal grandmother, my dad’s mother Mary Ellen Jeffcoat.  She had long silver hair that she didn’t believe in cutting, because the Bible says a woman’s hair is her glory.  She always pinned it into a bun, because the Bible also says a woman is supposed to be… Continue reading How I Became Jewish at Four Women’s Tables


Is Anger the Opposite of Faith?

We're allowed to be angry.  It's a human emotion.  It's there, created by our Creator, for a reason, as my friend in my FB group so eloquently put it:  "It’s truly a gift 🎁 and a lightbulb moment to help us notice, something is amiss...there’s something I must repair here..." For me, as I thought about what… Continue reading Is Anger the Opposite of Faith?

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The Moon, The Trees, and A Courtroom

I am sitting in a gorgeous old courtroom with intricate ceilings, waiting to convince the judge I’m not a great candidate for jury duy.  I don’t really want to be here; who loves jury duty?  I chickened out about wearing my “You Are Fake News” baseball cap that was going to be my surefire ticket… Continue reading The Moon, The Trees, and A Courtroom

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Racism and Abuse in the Jewish Community (My Pains Collide)

I’m sitting across from a yummy brown-skinned boy in clean dinosaur pjs playing a video game on my phone (so I can type this passionate raging article I’m about to type). He’s playing and I hear shooting sounds and he says in his sing-song voice, “I’m fighting bad guys, I’m fighting bad guys.” He’s what… Continue reading Racism and Abuse in the Jewish Community (My Pains Collide)


Puzzles & Mommy Overwhelm

Three days into a home stay-cation courtesy of the flu, 2 sick children, 1 sick mommy, freezing cold temperatures, and nowhere to turn hours into Shabbos, I decide to open a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Genius idea, genius. It's a 1,000 piece puzzle I bought for my 7-year-old for Chanukah, my 7-year-old who hates puzzles.  But… Continue reading Puzzles & Mommy Overwhelm