The CBD Bath that Almost Went Down the Drain (A Hempworx Review)

My friend Erika sells Hempworx, a brand of CBD beauty and bath products.  When it comes to CBD (aka cannabidiol), I’m all in. It’s like mommy drugs without the stigma. Anti-inflammatory.  Relaxing. Healing.  So when she asked me to try one of their CBD Bath Bombs, of course I said OF COURSE!

Tonight is the night and I put the kids in front of the movie Leap and head upstairs to my master bath.  I had chosen Natural Oasis, a green tea scent over the other option Serene Soak, a milk/honey/oat scent.  Erika delivered it in a cute gift box with two little electric tealights that my kids immediately stole and some yummy chocolates that also disappeared yesterday (into my tummy!)… 

I cut away the plastic cover of the bath bomb, while the hot hot water runs.  It smells overwhelmingly floral, like squint your eyes strong, and I don’t sense any hint of green tea, but that’s ok. I dump it into the bath and am very happy with an immediate white foamy fizz.  The smell is getting less strong as it dissipates into the water.

When I get in the bath, the BEST part happens.  The water is slithery.  I have dry skin and I love anything moisturizing, and this is the best kind of luxurious silk.  I immediately lose thirty pounds of stress and prepare to die a happy bath death.

I’m sunk deep under water, eyes closed, trying to make the CBD warmth reach my neck and shoulders that have been aching for weeks of corona stress.  Three minutes of bliss, then I start feeling colder and the Titanic alarm bells start ringing!  Oh no, the water’s draining!  (I guess this is the opposite of the Titanic.) I must have kicked the stopper and the water is going going…  Oh no, my precious drug bath!  Oh no, Erika’s review!!  I jam the stopper back into place, and evaluate the damage.

It’s half gone.  (Or half there depending on your positivity perspective.)  I’m disappointed.  I feel guilty and wasteful and sad.  Oh well, gotta make the best of it.  I refill the tub to better capacity and sink back into my relaxation.  It’s still great.  Great smell, not quite as richly silky, definitely relaxing.  I’m wondering what the full effect would have been.  I stay for a good half hour, and get out feeling clean and chill and even a little detoxed.  My kids thunder upstairs to my room after their movie, determined to milk any extra time before bed they can, and I’m not even annoyed.  They’re super cute, and it’s 9:30 pm. That’s a CBD Bath Bomb miracle, y’all!

For more info on Hempworx, join my friend Erika’s FB Group: Hempworx because Hemp Works! 

Some cool facts from the Hempworx website:

  • Contains no added colors or dyes
  • 30mg of CBD per bath bomb
  • Infused with essential oils
  • Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Non-GMO
  • Handmade with love and care

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