Emuna, Video

My Headcovering Highs & Lows (Live Video!)

In this FB Live video I talk for 42 minutes about hair!! LOL!  But it was about soooo much more…

  • My rebellion against Jewish hair-covering when I was angry at God.
  • My fears of losing my beauty when I was first starting to cover my hair with a scarf.
  • How much we pay for wigs as Jewish women!  (CRAZY).
  • My first horrific haircut by my 12-year-old sister and how my dad reacted.
  • How being shlumpy and frumpy isn’t honoring yourself as a woman.
  • My ex-husband’s opinion on hair covering  (juicy stuff, y’all!).

I wish I could be really nice and organized for you and put the time links to the above topics, so you could skip around the 42 minutes to what you really want to hear…. but I’m a busy mommy and I gotta go vacuum now!!  (Find some time tonight with a cup of tea or glass of wine to cozy up with this, and PLEASE COMMENT!!)

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