Leaving the Darkness Behind (What Happened to Rina’s Blog?!)

I’m deleting my blog. (gasp.)  I made a collage a year and a half ago that has the words “Leaving the Darkness Behind” on it and when I was thinking what to title this entry it seemed perfect. That’s kinda what this feels like. A fresh, sunny start.

Up til now, the RinaMeansJoy blog has been mostly all about Rina. Specifically all about Rina’s struggles. The title RinaMeansJoy didn’t really match the content. Where was the JOY? I’ve been struggling, climbing, searching for joy, and allll that pain, triumph, disappointment, and hope came out in my blog. And now it’s out. Thank G-d! (It was an important part of my process.)


Now that it’s out, I am realizing two things:

1) I’m not that person anymore. When I read some of those things now, I’m like “whoah, eek, ouch.” I’m moving into a position of REVEALED joy, gratitude, and service. No more late night pity party blog entries. No more living in the past.  The sun can come out now!


2) I want to serve.  My old blogs were really meant for me.  I needed to speak and be heard and process all my thoughts.  They may have been entertaining or interesting or voyeuristic, and I am so thankful that they may have inspired or encouraged someone else. I’m ready for a different flavor now. I’m ready to GIVE you something. What do you want? What do I have to give?

The blog is under renovation. I’m under renovation — aren’t we all, always? hopefully?

I saved all my old entries, because they are precious to me and part of me. I made them into a cute little (not so little 175-page) ebook that I would love to share with you. Peek at the table of contents and see what entries you may have missed and what you want to read again.

I thought about whether to give this away free, or charge or ask for donations.  I’m picking the latter, because it’s fun and accessible.  Whatever you’d like to give, $1 or more, go for it! Thank you for supporting my work!


Donate Button with Credit Cards/>

When your donation goes thru, be sure to click “Return to Rina Means Joy” from Paypal because that page will give you the PDF download.

I hope my old blog blesses you somehow, and my new one even more.   Here’s to what’s coming – L’Chaim!



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