My Letter to The Rebbe’s Grave…

Dear Rebbe,

My friend told me I should email you… or I guess she told me to email your grave. I don’t know much about you or why you were so popular, so powerful… I just know some people think u were moshiach and some people think you still are and even more people follow you as one of the greatest rabbis of our time, if not ever.

I am not trying to be disrespectful with my confusion or overindulgent with my praise. I just want to know if you really have the power to hear me from the dead. Do you really have the ability to read this (from the dead).

Neshamas never die and I am getting this feeling that you cared so much about people that you would have to keep being a rebbe from the dead… like you couldn’t pull yourself too far away from people’s problems or needs. So here are mine…

I need a favorable ruling from a divorce judge. I want to send my kids to school for a Torah education. I want them to love Hashem. I want to be the best mother to them. I want to coparent with their father and I believe it is possible but I do not know the way. I need so much wisdom and strength to do the hard stuff. I need and want a man to grow with and support each other and love and lean on. I need parnassah for my kids and myself. I need emuna, lots of it. More please. Even more.

I am scared to keep praying for emuna because maybe the worst circumstances grow the strongest emuna so a prayer for emuna is like asking for trouble… and G-d knows and maybe you have seen from the other side that I have had enough trouble. I am asking for emuna from joyful circumstances. Emuna from joy not trouble. Am I asking too much? I need healing so I can be my very best and lots of direction.

Thank you for hearing me if you do. Thank you for whatever you did here for the Jewish people that made u so great.

Hashem I know you are reading this so in the merit of the holy man who is buried here will you please hear my heart for my children and honor it and answer these tefilos?

Rina Miriam bas Sarah Imeinu

I emailed this letter to the Chabad Ohel, the graves of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his father-in-law Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn. The letter will be printed and torn to shreds over their graves, like thousands of letters each year. When the pile of torn letters get too high, they are burned. You can send your letter here.