Think What You Want!

You may think that “Think What You Want” means “I don’t care what you think, you can think whatever you want, and I’m doing my thing just fine.”  That’s not what I mean.  What I mean is the law of attraction.  Your thoughts create your reality.  Whatever you think about, you get.  So think good stuff, think what you want, not what you don’t want.

The Secret.  Nanu nanu, spooky music.

I’m freaked out by The Secret because this very weird, psychic, weird, hippy, weird, demonic, (did I mention weird) lady first brought it to my attention years ago.  She freaked me out personally, and the idea that humans control our destiny freaked me out philosophically.  Hello, GOD CONTROLS OUR DESTINY.

But today alone, two people mentioned The Secret movie on Netflix, which I’m still scared of watching, so I’m just going to apply the principles without wiggin myself out.  I have already been thinking about my thoughts, and I know Hashem has a lesson for me here.  A growth opportunity.

Devorah Sisso, a cool spiritual speaker, gave a talk on Self-Love tonight and she mentioned some Jewish sources that backed up the principles in The Secret.  The law of attraction.  I didn’t write down her sources, but I got her point.  The power of thought, says our Torah, is huge.  What you think and what you say, you attract.  There are melachim (angels), spiritual escorts, like guards, on both sides of you guiding you where you want to go.

Where do I want to go?  My first thought is literal.  Israel.  The country.  The beach. Virginia.  A cute house on Pinkney. Gosh, I don’t know what the heck I want, I realize.  My angels must be pretty dizzy with all my disjointed, confused thinking.  They don’t have a clue where I want to go, so we’re just all standing here.  I picture them like smoking cigarettes and mumbling to each other and waiting on me to figure myself out.

I look out on my balcony and see my colorful striped beach chairs, and for a minute, I believe that’s a beach view.  So I say out loud. I am living on the beach. (I have no clue how to make this work in a Jewish community, but I’m going to forego all logic in this little dream vision attraction session).  I see my kids playing in sand, with bright buckets, and I’m sitting in those same chairs on a balcony about the same size with a coffee in my hand watching them.

Here’s where my paranoid mother in my head (and I mean my actual mother, not my own motherly instinct) says, “You better get down there with those children before they drown!” Ha and I’m laughing and I’m out of my vision, b/c I sure don’t want to attract any drowning.

That was fun, and now I’m going to write some things I want.  I’m thinking what I want and I’m saying each one out loud. I’m putting it into the universe, and I challenge you to do this too.


Financial abundance.  I have so much money I can pay my kids’ tuition freely and take them on trips and feel extremely comfortable and sit by a pool and write.

I have a sexy husband who loves me and my boys more than his life.

Purpose and fulfillment.  I am living up to my full potential.  I have full confidence that Hashem put me here for this.  And it feels amazing.

My ex and I are forgiving each other and co-parenting with love and respect.

I am slim and toned and feel sexy and healthy and good in my clothes.  I look hot.  I’ve just used the word sexy twice in one blog, gonna have to slap a WOMEN ONLY PLEASE on this one. Like that helps.  I may unfriend all my guy friends on Facebook.  This is awkward.

My kids are respectful to me and each other, and happy and learning Torah and loving Hashem and being Jewish.

What do I want and envision for Son #1? He is a teacher, a philosopher, a songwriter, a giver of knowledge.  He is rational and things make sense to him.  Judaism and spirituality makes sense to him. He’s deep and wise and someone people look up to.

What do I want and envision for Son #2?  He is a man of justice, passion, truth. He is fiercely protective of his family, his mother, his brothers.  He cares about us deeper, stronger, wilder than the rest of us can possibly care.  He’s big.  He’s really big.

What do I want and envision for Son #3?  He loves people, hosts them, gives to them, leads and inspires them, empowers them.  He makes money in business. He’s fearless with people, and charming, and fearless with business, maybe real estate, I don’t know the specifics.  He’s very successful.  He’s going to make the wine guy’s prophecy come true, that my boys will take care of me with more than hugs one day.

The man in the wine store, the hip skinny black guy behind the counter, got me talking about my kids the other day as I checked out with my Shabbos wine.  He said, “They’re going to take care of you.” I said, “They already do; they hug me when I’m sad and they help me with the house…” He interrupted me with cold truth eyes, “No, with money.”


Has someone ever looked at you with such certainty and said something with such confidence that you feel like you’re hearing from Jeremiah the Prophet reincarnated?  Like you know this is true, because this person is so in-the-moment, so legit, that you have to believe what they’re saying is true.  That was the wine guy about my sons taking care of me with money.  Anyway, slight diversion from the point of this blog, but I will bring it back around by stating what I want:

My boys are taking care of me with money.  And hugs.  Lots and lots more hugs.

That’s all I want for tonight, y’all.