Why I Haven’t Been Writing…

I’m sitting in Starbucks listening to sappy indie music and forcing myself to write.  Because I haven’t in a while, and I neeeeeeeeeeeed it.  Also I need to ask myself why I haven’t written in a while.

Motherhood.  Five days in a row with three little boys and no school and no camp and no daddy.  That’s time consuming. (Understatement.)

Essential oils.  I have been sniffing them like crazy since my friend introduced me to them at a coaching school session a couple weeks ago.  And I love them so much, I decided to join the company and start selling them.  And that confused me a little bit.  Because I’m a writer and a piano teacher and a redemption director and a mommy (not in that order).

How am I going to incorporate one more thing into my life?  What’s gonna give?  How can I share this passion for natural healing without becoming one of those salesy people that annoy everyone?  How can I become another thing without losing the thing that I am?

Conflict with important people.  Conflict brings intimacy.  Intimacy confuses me.  People confuse me.  A few little big conflicts happened in these few days of not writing, and it’s a few little big conflicts that thank G-d seem to have passed and I don’t need to write about them now and I couldn’t write about them then but they were there and taking up space.

Physical pain.  I’ve had neckaches and headaches and throat aches.  And I have become obsessed with healing myself (with G-d’s help), so I’ve been making beet kvass and kombucha and Vitamin C tonics and just in general trying to focus on my health.

Binge watching a new show.  I’m always embarrassed of this one, but occasionally I just want to veg out and watch stupid TV.  It’s an escape. It’s not so healthy but it’s not the most unhealthy thing either.  It’s comfortable.

Anyway, I guess I’m back.  I am a writer again.  And a healer always, just finding my venue.  I’m adding a Wellness tab to this blog to write about my health journey and the new essential oils business.  Wellness and Motherhood are so intertwined.  We need to be well personally, so that we can give our best to our families, and it’s also our job to be the first line of action for our kids’ health.  Aka Dr. Mom.  Please message me if you’re interested in essential oils – I have the perfect starter kit of powerful oils every home needs!

Sending love out into the universe for each one of you reading this.  Thank you for supporting me!!!!