I Need to Write about My Diet

I know, I know, stop calling it diet.  Sorry, it’s just so much easier than “this new way of eating that I am trying to figure out which helps my body keep fat off and is hopefully going to become a lifestyle I can live with.”

I told my friend how bummed I am about the 4 pounds lost in a month after hard-core clean eating.  She gave me something that I want to make a mantra:

It takes a year.

You can’t give up after a month.  Your body needs time to adjust, to heal, to lose.  Give it a year.  Four pounds becomes eight becomes twelve and now you’re in double digits.

My first plan looked at the short-term.  I can do anything for 30 days.  Let’s be fast and get this off.  My first plan was the hare; my new plan will be the tortoise, and we all know who wins.

My new plan will commit to a year.  I’m going to commit to a year of healthy, clean eating.  Without perfectionism.  If I have an accident (crashing into challah), then I won’t give up.  If the scale doesn’t move, then I won’t give up.   I’ll keep giving my body healthy nourishment.

The year of nourishment.  So what’s today, June 9.  I’m committing from now until June 9 to nourish myself with clean eating and herbs and supplements and essential oils and even some exercise and tons of lemon water.  Then after the year I’ll let it all go to pot again. HA! kidding.

What’s the method to this madness?  I’m experimenting with intermittent fasting, which is supposed to have plethoras of healing benefits.  I’m getting into ketosis sometimes.  I’m eating protein and veggies and healthy fats.  That’s one thing that My 30-Day Get Thin Quick Scheme did for me – help me cook vegetables again, lots and lots of vegetables… and they’re soooooooo good.  Maybe I’ll juice a little bit here and there.  The Holy Witchdoctress says no dairy, but I might have to have some Greek yogurt… unless she reads this blog and gets on my case.

Anyway, this isn’t as detailed of an eating plan as what I made before.  I’ll still be preparing my foods in advance to some degree, because that helps so much.  I may post that plan when I make it.   Is that something you’re interested in reading?

Good night for now…


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