A Letter From God about Why Your Life’s So Hard (& What to Do About It)

Dear Beloved Soul,

We made a deal before you were born.  We made a deal that you would be in the final generation before Moshiach. We made a very difficult deal.  You wanted to get this over with already, to fix your soul, finally, completely, so that Moshiach could come. You wanted to stop coming back and trying again.  You wanted the Final Redemption.    

And I said “It will be hard for you.  It will require bitter, bitter trials.  That’s the only way to get where you want to get fast.”  

And you said, “Okay, Hashem, I’ll take it.  I’ll take anything, I’ll do anything to see peace restored to this earth, to see the Temple standing in its glory again, to see Your King rule.  Whatever it takes.”

And then you were born, and you forgot our deal.  (You agreed to forgetting too.  Being awakened to the truth of this deal would be a beautiful, holy surprise.)  So now, I’m reminding you, I’m letting you remember.

I could have given you a sugar life.  I could have given you nothing but chocolate.  But Moshiach does not come from chocolate.  On chocolate, you get fat and bloated and complacent and dead.  You know this Love, you know it well.  You know how much you love chocolate and how much it kills you.

I gave you a lemon water life for now.  Bitter lemons, so sour, yet so healing.  Warm lemon water in the morning resets your body, heals your inflammation, puts out your Fires.  It’s not yummy, it’s actually only barely tolerable, until you choose to like it for the sake of your health.

When you realize that these bitter circumstances are part of our deal, are part of healing your deepest wounds and correcting your biggest flaws, are part of bringing Moshiach and building the Place of your dreams, you will drink them down with Love.

I’m inviting you to accept the bitter again, Love.  I’m inviting you to realize you’ve been in Boot Camp of the Soul, not just for yourself, but for your children and future generations.  Boot Camp is hard.  You have to jump out of planes into oceans and swim for miles with no life jacket.  But Boot Camp makes you a Marine.  Boot Camp, like lemon water, makes you healthy, strong and victorious.  I see you, daughter, I see you swimming and I’m cheering.

Here’s all you need to do.  Four steps to miracles and salvations. Four steps to joy.  

1. Ein Od Milvado.  I am G-d, there is no other.  All of this is from me.  All of this passed through my eyes before it came to you.  I can stop it in an instant or give you more.  I think you are starting to believe this, Love.  

2.  I love you.  I really really do, and this part, I wish you believed already, because I have shown you so many times.  Don’t worry though, you will know it before this is all done.

3.   This bitterness is your Path to Greatness.  You’re becoming a Marine. I know you’ve never been interested in greatness and for sure not the military kind, but it’s coming anyway.  Because we made a deal.  I know you can feel it.

4.  Thank me.  Thank me every day.  Thank me for 30 days.  Thank me!  I am here, I love you, it’s all for you, it’s for your greatness.  Thank me!  There were four things to do in this list, but really this is the only 1.  The first three, believe, think about, remember, repeat.  The fourth, do.  Thank me! When you can do this, your Redemption has come.

Remember, I’m cheering.

All My Love,

Hashem your Creator and Father

The above is my summary of the message of Rabbi Lazer Brody when he spoke in Baltimore May 2017.


1 thought on “A Letter From God about Why Your Life’s So Hard (& What to Do About It)”

  1. Thank you for this. Sometimes our trust that HaShem loves us and will send Moshiach are all that get us through – but greatness lies on the other side

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