What the Publisher Said

Just got my first book rejection!  And don’t worry, I’m loving it.

I explained to a very nice Jewish publisher the story behind my book, my concerns about loshon hara (laws about evil speech/making someone look bad), and got the following:

“No Jewish distributor will sell this book.”

“Religious Jews want clean kosher books they can leave out on their coffee tables and not be afraid of their kids picking up.”

“This could be very healing for you to write, but then put it in your drawer and don’t do anything with it.”

“If you were my sister, I’d tell you not to write it.”

“Think about how it will affect your kids; you don’t want your son growing up to everyone as ‘the abused one’.”

“This is impossible to write without it being loshon hara to somebody.”

Then the compliment:

“You’re very eloquent; you should be a speaker instead. Then it wouldn’t be considered loshon hara because it would be for a specific contained audience and purpose.”

Maybe I’ll be a speaker instead.  Now accepting speaking gigs.

No solutions needed, ladies.  Hashem has a solution.

I sat there listening to him with a big smile on my face. He said it sincerely like a big brother I was asking for advice. He cared.  I didn’t feel rejected or discouraged in the least.  Hashem has a plan and this is direction.

Please keep the inspirational success stories coming a’la Stephen Spielberg, JK Rowling, and Oprah!

Oh and if you’re interested here’s Chapter One and Why I Can’t Publish Chapter 2.

mom on fire book cover