When Blessings Are Disguised

Feeling dreary today, a little drowny.  I laugh at myself for my highs and lows.  A miracle happens and two days later I feel anxious for no reason.  And then I think of the reasons.

Sunless skies.


Diets that don’t work.

Friends without moving boxes.

Jars I can’t open.

Bags of unchecked kale.

And then I realize.  THESE are my problems? Ha! HA!  These are not problems, these are inconveniences.  These are blessings disguised.

Rain is coming to nourish the earth.

My son has friends and freedom.

I have too much food.

My friend is moving closer!

I have homemade kombucha in that jar.

Kale chips are coming soon.

I’m going to write more soon.  I’m going to pray first.  And sniff some Ylang Ylang.



Here’s a song from my favorite tehillim – Psalm 23, he’s singing: Gam ki elech begei tzalmavet, lo ira ra, ki Atah imadi, which means: Even as I walk in the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear any hardship for you are with me.

I’ve come so far from the valley of the shadow of death.  So far.