What I Want President Donald Trump’s Visit to the Western Wall to Mean

Don’t worry, this post will not be political.  Warning, it will be very very spiritual, religious maybe even.  Continue at your own risk.

I read that President Donald Trump was the first president to visit the Western Wall while in office.  (The Western Wall is aka The Wailing Wall or aka in Hebrew “kotel” or “kosel”, the only part of our Jewish Holy Temple that still stands, just a part of one of the outer walls of it.)

It seemed strange to me that none of the other presidents visited the holy site.  I get my news from Facebook (#guiltypleasure), so someone may well tell me that this is Snopes-proved false*, but as for now let’s assume this strange truth is actually truth.  Why wouldn’t any other presidents go there?  Because none of their daughters are Orthodox Jews?  Because it’s not safe?  Because it’s not relevant?  Because it’s not important enough?

I look at the world, at events, through a cosmic lens:  like what is going on here from the Heavenly perspective?  And the truth is, I have no way of knowing what G-d’s planning or meaning with anything; I just like to daydream.  Here’s what I want Donald Trump’s visit to mean:

I want it to mean that the end is near.

By the end, I mean the end of pain and suffering, the end of wars, the end of politics, the end of ignorance, the end of atheism, the end of religion.  The end. When everyone knows the truth that G-d is.  That the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is.

If a president of the United States of America is visiting that wall, everyone knows.  You knew, right?  (You saw Ivanka too, right, with her black feathery fascinating head piece?)  To see a president of the United States of America put his hand on this wall, it makes people wonder, what’s so special about that wall?  Because I believe, many many American’s don’t have a clue about it.  They don’t know part of the biblical temple still stands on this earth.  They don’t know that there’s a whole organization committed to having everything ready to rebuild it.

Our Wall just got a lot of press.  I hope it means good things.  I hope it means a new temple coming soon and Hashem paving the way with awareness of our Place and our People.

I don’t know; I guess presidents visit other cultural and religious sites all the time.  If President Trump visited the Pyramids would I think the resurrection of King Tut was coming soon?  It may mean absolutely nothing.

However, I’m fresh from the Rabbi Lazer Brody talk last night, and his absolute conviction that WE are the generation before Moshiach.  I’m fresh from a group of diverse women experiencing Jewish unity, the ingredient needed to rebuild the Temple.  And I’m looking at a world leader in a yarmulke touching a piece of biblical past/present/future with apparent reverence. So I’m all hyped up with hope.

trump western wall

* It’s true.  (If you can believe NBC.)