An Honest Evaluation of My Skinny Scheme (Week 4)

I am annoyed and discouraged. I have been very committed to this eating plan for almost a whole month now (with the exception of 2 days I ate bread and popcorn and ok fine I’ll admit it 2 chocolate chip cookies).

And the results?  Four pounds.  WHAT!?  I have been eating kale and  dandelion leaves and avoiding peanut butter for 30 days for four measly pounds?!  I’ve been guzzling lemon water and leaving my poor rejected seltzer on the shelf for this?

Now here’s where my guilt brain comes in and says, “Rina Miriam,” (interesting that my guilt brain uses my full name) “you should be happy you lost four pounds.  Weight loss is okay and most effective and healthy if it is slow.”

Yeah but it makes me worry something is wrong with my body, my thyroid, my hormones, something.  I wanted at least 10 pounds.  I wanted this to be fast.  Uber dedication in exchange for fast results. Sighhhhhhhh.

So clearly this plan is not working for me, and I need to figure out why and what I can do differently.  Warning: Do not comment your congratulations on the four pounds.  I’m grumpy and irritable right now and only want solid, practical advice of what to do differently to actually lose weight at least a tiny bit faster.  I’m hungry, remember, so I may bite your head off!  (Wink wink.)

All my love in the midst of my annoyance,


PS – upside of the eating plan is I do feel more energy and better about myself overall. Thank G-d for that.

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