A Mommy Rant about Lunchboxes

Can I rant about something totally meaningless for a moment?  Lunchboxes!  I bought my kids the most adorable animal lunchboxes.  Here, see, aren’t they adorable?

Presumably, in my mind, if a kid takes his lunch to school in a cute lunch box it will make up for all my other failures as a mother. It will present my best side to the world and the teachers and my kids will know that I love them. Forget any behavior or power struggles we may be having, we are FINE, world, okay? Look at my kids’ lunchboxes!  Right?  Eek.

Anyway, the rant cometh.  These adorable lunchboxes get left in the car almost every day, and every day it drives me absolutely crazy because it means they will not be available when I am ready to pack lunches!!

Here’s how it happens. Almost every day, I pick up my kids and we get home and they scramble out of the car ahead of me like women released on a timed shopping spree.  They’re racing for toys and snacks like banchees!  And I, tired mommy, slowly mosey out of the car and lock it and look into the back seat to see – drumroll, eye-roll – the lunchboxes.

And here’s where all the mommy guilt and irritation and overthinking comes in.  How many times have I told them to bring in their lunchboxes when they leave the car!!  Do I have to remember to say it every day AS we’re pulling into our parking spot, or will this habit eventually stick?  And how?  And now what do I do?

Do I leave the lunchboxes there and put the lunch in a blue plastic bag the next morning like I have so many mornings?  That’ll really teach them a lesson!  (Like they care.)  Or do I suck it up and grab the lunchboxes myself and nag them when I get inside?  Or do I go inside without the lunchboxes and make them all stop what they’re doing and go back outside and get the lunchboxes and bring them inside and remember to re-lock my car while they’re at it?!  So much energy required in that last option.

What would you do, Smarter Mom Than Me?  What would you do?  It’s these tiny decisions of motherhood that make us laugh and scream.

Tomorrow, the lunches are going in plastic bags!

PS – I wish my sons’ lunch looked like the following image, but they would never eat it.  Most days it’s just a rice cake with sunbutter, applesauce pouch, cheese stick and some cut up fruit.  

lunchbox 2

2 thoughts on “A Mommy Rant about Lunchboxes”

  1. Hi Rina, I just came across your blog. It is so genuine and sounds like you are going through a lot.
    I’ll pick up on just your lunch box question and leave all the dieting and divorce stuff for the moment of that’s ok? (Dieting I can comment on, divorce I can offer support without platitudes).
    The end of the day is totally the hardest part of the day and getting the children into the routine of, “you bring everything out of the car and hang it up/put it in the right place” sometimes seems like, is it worth the battle? Honestly? Only you know if it is with the battle and whether it is something your kids are capable of at this time in their life and day. On the one hand you don’t want them to grow up never bringing in their stuff, on the other hand you don’t want a fight every evening. We went through a stage with my daughter where I got a screaming tantrum from her every day for weeks when I told her to hang up her coat. She was totally exhausted and tired and she in retrospect it was just too much for her.
    Now she does hang up her coat. Mostly.
    I would say, that just as you are driving up, before you stop the car that reminding them that they are expected to bring in their lunch boxes is a good idea and eventually does seep in, even though it seems repetitive.
    Only you know what your children are capable of, and what you are willing to put your foot down on. Sometimes it is the right thing to just bring them in yourself. Sometimes it is the right thing to insist they do (how old are they?)
    Good luck.
    Btw, really cute lunch boxes. 🙂
    From Simcha (which also means joy)


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