Skinny Scheme, Week 3

Whoah, did I just write that?  Week 3!!!!  I, my friends, have made it 2 full weeks on my eating plan.  Everyone keeps telling me not to call it a diet.  I’ve been happy with the scale results, then all of a sudden it went up a couple pounds and I was confused and annoyed and sad.

Is something physically wrong with my body?  Eating this way should make the weight melt off.  And I know 2 pieces of spelt matzah and 2 cups of wine on Shabbos does not make a person gain 2 pounds.  So I’m researching the thyroid possibility that my Chinese herbalist (he’s actually American, but gives out Chinese herbs, in case that mattered or wasn’t clear) and my energy healer (she’s American too FYI) warned me about.

I’m determined to keep loading my body with good stuff.  Herbs, vegetables, proteins, water, and… SLEEP.  Evidently your thyroid and stress hormones need sleep. I only like to sleep during the day, which I used to feel bad about until I read that Moon People are just deep thinkers.  I’m thinking about starting a challenge where I have to give you a dollar if you see me on Facebook past 10pm. Anybody in?

I’m supposed to be talking about the diet.

Here’s the plan for week 3:


  • Eggs
  • or Bulletproof Coffee (with coconut oil, half & half, and collagen powder)
  • or Smoothie (greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, almond milk, stevia has been my fav this week so far)

I’ve been having Dandyblend instead of Coffee some mornings, which is a dandelion instant beverage.  Sounds weird? It’s delicious!  I make it just like coffee and sometimes even bulletproof.  Dandelion is good for your liver.  I don’t “actually” know what’s wrong with my body, if anything, except that the liver detoxes your emotions and I have a lot of emotions here lately and it may need a little help detoxing them.  Back to the diet plan.  I mean eating plan.


  • Fish or Burger with Vegetables (I had the plan to make ceviche this week, which is yummy raw fish “cooked” only with lime juice, but then I realized I had 2 bags of salmon hiding in my freezer since before Pesach, so I’m going to make those)  I got some ground beef again to make burgers. Brittany says I should have gotten ground turkey, but does anyone actually like turkey burgers?  I don’t.
  • or Shake


  • Fish or Burger with Vegetables


  • Berries
  • Shake (okra is still getting into my shakes, but I really need a better blender.  also I need to get xylitol b/c stevia has more of an aftertaste and that partnered with slight okra undertones aren’t my favorite)
  • I made Coconut Whipped Cream – easy, skim the solid part off a can of coconut milk (works best if you refrigerate a while so the milk and cream separate), chill beaters and a glass bowl, then whip with some stevia and vanilla for 2 min.  Yummy on the berries or in a shake.

This week’s vegetables:

  • Purple cabbage, pre-checked and shredded, going to make some coleslaw with olive oil, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and stevia
  • Frozen brussel sprouts
  • Pickles (yep, they count as a vegetable)
  • Frozen Cauliflower, pre-checked for bugs
  • Kale (kale chips are my new obsession – sprinkle with olive oil and salt, bake 350F for 20 min)
  • Arugula Salad Greens

Brittany says that when you stick with something for 2 weeks you’re committed to your success.  Or something inspirational like that.  I have to admit I can’t wait for when we add nuts and sweet potatoes.  But the time is going by fast and I keep having meals ready when it’s meal time and the scale is moving in the right direction for the most part, so I’m sticking with it!

week 3