Skinny Scheme, Week 2

Who’s sick of chicken, raise your hand!  (My and Brittany’s hands go up!)  Week 1 was a total success; and we’re embarking on week 2 of My 30-Day Get Thin Quick Scheme.   I feel so much better eating this way.  It feels aligned with my values; I have more energy; and I don’t have guilt or nasty shame going on about my body.  Here’s the plan for week 2.

Remember our goals are CLEAN and SIMPLE. We’re busy moms.


Here’s what I learned about breakfast this week.  I’ve been taught PROTEIN within the first 15-30 minutes of waking up is the key to weight loss.  Protein, make it happen as soon as you wake up!  That’s all awesome, Tim Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Body, you man you.  But guess what?  When I wake up, I have three little people asking me for stuff – milk, socks, breakfast, lunch, kippahs, bow and arrows, etc.  I have four people to get ready and out of the house.  The best I can do most days is drink a cup of coffee while all this morning ruckus is going on.  So I’ve been making the coffee “Bulletproof” with a Tablespoon of coconut oil for energy, fat burning, and to keep me full for an hour or two, and a scoop of powdered collagen to help heal my insides and give my skin that glow.

Then after I get the kiddos where they need to go, I come home and make eggs.  I’ve been putting some of my cooked broccoli in oil in the pan and making a scrambled egg broccoli omelet concoction.  This morning I made a greek yogurt strawberry smoothie; I actually did that while the kids were getting ready, but I got interrupted four times in the process.

Here are the breakfast options:

Eggs, scrambled or omeletted or fried plain or with veggies

Smoothie – only berries, veggies (frozen okra!), greek yogurt, stevia, and cocoa powder.  No sweet fruits.

Bulletproof Coffee


Fish & Veggie

or Chicken & Veggie

Pretty much the same as last week, except I got different veggies this week.  I ended up with way too many fish fillets and chicken thighs; so toward the end of the week when I started fearing their eat-ability, I put them in ziplock bags and froze them. Now I’ll take one or 2 out in the morning to be ready by lunch and still be prepared.  Less cooking this week.  Note to self – you don’t need 2 bags of fish and 2 packs of chicken for the week if you’re on a strict eating plan.  I think I thought I was going to starve when I bought that much.


Spicing it up!!  Adding BEEF!!

This is the key to Week 2.  I made a huge pot of beanless veggie beef chili. It’s GREEN and MEAN and so yummy.  Here’s a basic recipe:

2 pounds ground beef

1 pack frozen diced onions (so no cutting)

1 pack frozen diced peppers (so no cutting)

1 pack coleslaw mix (aka cabbage & carrots, but no cutting)

1/2 bag frozen chopped spinach (no checking for bugs)

1/2 bag fresh chopped kale (yep, checking for bugs, but I wanted some kale!)

6 fresh garlic cloves

2 24oz cans crushed tomatoes (do not use sauce, use crushed tomatoes, the only ingredients should be tomatoes, maybe salt, but no sugar or corn syrup)


chili powder


sea salt (forget what I said last week; I can’t give up salt)

Mrs. Dash onion and herb mix (it goes really well with SALT)

Instructions: so easy – drop of coconut oil, then put the frozen veggies in to defrost them and “brown”, then add the fresh veggies in, and the beef in.  Stir that around for a while to brown the beef and cook the cabbage, shrink the kale, defrost the spinach.  Add the seasonings and last the tomato sauce.  Bring to a boil. Then reduce to simmer until everything is fully cooked.

I’m eating this with half an avocado and some fresh parsley on top!

Every night for dinner this week, most likely.

New Veggies for This Week:

Kale Chips – I roasted the rest of the kale with olive oil and salt on 350F for 15-20 min.  Divine! If you want to know what pork rinds taste like, make kale chips.  Crunchy, oily salt.  That’s about it.

Broccoli again – my favorite vegetable

Cauliflower – bought the frozen bag so no checking for bugs.

Brussel sprouts – again the frozen bag; haven’t cooked yet.

Snacks for this week:

Continuing the berries; berries are the only fruit I’m allowing myself because they have the least impact on your blood sugar.  High blood sugar makes you fat. Short story.

Okra smoothies, see last week for recipe.

Black olives.  I found this snack last week and enjoy it.  I eat 7 or so.

Greek yogurt – plain.

I’m not going to reveal my weight loss until the end of the month, but I am VERY happy with the progress!!

Shabbos!!  I realized on Thursday of last week that I hadn’t made a plan for Shabbos.  After a few minutes fear and anxiety, I decided to get some spelt matzah in lieu of challah.  Yep, I’m now one of those people who plans to BYOM (Bring Your Own Matzazh) to the meal when I’m invited out.  I allowed myself 2 cups of dry red wine, 1 for each kiddush.  I ate a big snack before I went out to lunch so I wouldn’t be as tempted by all those carby carbs.

Brittany (BFF) and I both felt amazing this week.  We were prepared, in control of our eating, and on a mission.  Hashem please help us to continue this week!!

Hilarious (or at least mildly funny) side story – Brittany and I always send each other inspirational Before and After photos of people we find on the Internet who lost weight.  I always think the fat version of the girl is kind of cute and voluptuous, while the skinny version annoys me.  Anyway, for the first time ever I sent Brittany a photo of a Before and After of a male dieter and told her this guy is totally my type.  She said, CALL HIM.  I was like, hello, he’s not Jewish and a Google image – how am I going to get his number?  I’m still laughing about that; it may be funny only to me. I’m going to add “or at least mildly funny” after hilarious at the beginning of this paragraph.

Oh yeah, exciting thing number 7.  I bought a bag of Weight Loss Epson Salt.  Because you can lose so much weight by taking baths.  Snicker snicker, wink wink.

That’s all friends.  Have a good night!  And a healthy week of eating!!