My 30-Day Get Thin Quick Scheme

Today is a new dawn, of a new… NOPE not a diet!  Today is the first day of me and my BFF’s 30-Day KILL IT effort.  We’re going Simple. We’re going Clean.  We’re gonna get back in our clothing!  (With G-d’s help.)  So if you’re feeling bloated and don’t recognize yourself in the mirror, jump on our skinny train.  Here’s what we’re doing.  Day by day. Meal by meal.

We are tired. We are moms.  She has FIVEEEEE kids.  And I thought THREE was hard.  We can’t think or plan or be consistent or complicated.  We need it to be easy.  We’d prefer not to drag it out over the next three years.  Let’s just HIT IT for 30 Days and get some awesome results, then we’ll slow down a bit and regroup.

I weighed in today at – HA! Never!  I will not post my weight in this blog until it is the weight I tell my children I weigh – which is 100 pounds. I think we can safely say I will never weigh that, so I think we can safely say I will never post my weight here.  But I did weigh today, and it was a sad sad story.  At the end of 30 days, I will reveal the results, either in pounds lost or emojis, I’m not sure which yet.

Yesterday, Brittany (BFF) and I got inspired to make stuff super easy.  We are DONE being overwhelmed.  We would have the same breakfast every day. We would eat ONLY this.  Below is our plan for this week; it may alter for next week but the basics are the same – no wheat, low dairy, carbs only from veggies and berries

Breakfast Every Day:

Eggs. With optional veggies or avocado, fried in coconut oil.

Coffee with half &half (b/c we can’t give up half & half and it’s the least of our worries)

I also bought this Dandelion Coffee Alternative, which is anti-inflammatory and supports your liver. I haven’t tasted it yet, but intend to this week and will let you know!

Lunch Every Day:

Chicken and Veggies (I plan for my veggies to be a salad)

or Fish and Veggies

Dinner Every Day:

Chicken and Veggies

or Fish and Veggies

See the pattern?


Okra Smoothies (my easier recipe than that link – 1 cup frozen okra, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 Tbls. cocoa powder, sweeten to taste with Stevia or Xylitol; oprionl scoop of your favorite protein powder.  Okra has tons of fiber and is known to help with fat loss and it actually DOES taste like a Wendy’s frosty.  A little bit. If you sweeten it enough.  And pretend.)

Greek Yogurt (plain!)


Cottage Cheese (she’s doing this, I can live without CC)


Lots of lemon water (My Masseuse/Witchdoctress told me my beloved seltzer makes my body acidic and inflamed; the opposite of what I want it to be for optimal health! Lemon water makes the body alkaline, exactly what we want it to be for optimal health!)


I went to the grocery this morning with Homeschooled Kid with a Sprained Ankle riding in the cart, and buried him with healthiness (and some honey nut cheerios and frozen pizza for the kids).

I bought 2 packs of chicken thighs on sale and 2 bags of frozen salmon.

I bought every easy veggie that exists to roast – no cutting, no peeling, no checking, no NOTHING, open the bag and dump – frozen broccoli, frozen okra, baby carrots, fresh green beans, and mini-peppers.

I bought almond milk, and Mrs. Dash b/c Brittany says salt is bad too.  Sheesh.

I bought all sorts of berries, b/c they are the lowest glycemic fruit (they spike your blood sugar the least).

I bought bags of checked lettuce, the best investment a kosher woman on a thin mission can ever make

I came home and dumped everything into foil pans and shoved it in the oven!  It was gloriously fast and simple.  (The chicken, fish, and veggies.)  Now my fridge is stocked for the week!  I am really hoping this will last me until Friday, when I plan to make something special like a roast for Shabbos.

So we’re both feeling very motivated, and productive, and hopeful!  We’ll definitely take it a day at a time and keep checking in with each other.

Good luck to you too!



PS – Don’t forget to eat your okra! For all my Southern friends, FRIED doesn’t count!