Self-Love and True Religion on Easter

I’m triggered by Easter. There, I said it.  A dear Christian relative posted a challenge on FB – Find the Body of Jesus! If you can’t find it, He must be risen!

And alllllllllll that Christian teaching whacked me over the head and soul, and I get prickly and anxious. So I reach out to my BFF, who has walked miles in my shoes, who grew up “Messianic” (blend of Judaism and Christianity), who left it, who chose an Orthodox life, who had the guts to refuse it until she was ready, who questions it, who embraces it, who searches for authenticity and truth.  My soul sister, Brittany.

“I hate religion,” I say.  We have religious trauma and wounds. (She’s writing a book on finding yourself after religious trauma – we will keep you posted on that!)

“I hate it too,” she says.  “But love if it’s done healthy.”

Then gems pour from her mouth that thank G-d Whatsapp recorded, so I can share them with you.  I haven’t thought of it exactly this way before, but it’s True.

Here’s what she said –

“Jesus has become such a fear in Judaism, like omg don’t say his name in the house, because Jews are scared that their kids will become part of this cult. People are raised in a Jewish home and if they’re not happy, they’re not feeling a true connection to G-d, they leave, and then a Christian missionizes them and all of a sudden they feel like they can connect to G-d, wow G-d loves me, and they choose that path.

It wasn’t Christianity that gave them that connection, it was something changed in their brain and they started loving themselves, and Jesus or Christianity was the way in which they gave themselves permission to do that. When I hear these stories, I’m like, No, it didn’t change your life, you started loving yourself, which you didn’t give yourself permission to do when you were in a religious home, because you had religious fears and oppression.

Christianity though is a false sense of self-love, because it teaches only thru JC can you connect, and at your core you’re evil.

True redemptive healing, I believe comes back to:  You are perfect and whole at your core and knowing G-d loves you unconditionally brings you healing and connects you more to Him and your true essence.

We know this, it’s not about religion, it’s about connecting to G-d, it’s about self-love, that’s what changes with any True religious experience, but someone who doesn’t know about the whole redemption healing process, they’re going to think that it’s Jesus.

It’s not religion at all. It’s self-love.”

My sister!  Applause for her.

It goes both ways, and both religions can damage your self-concept – one by this “original sin” concept, the other by the pressures of religious expectation and stringencies.  Likewise both religions can give an amazing sense of self-love and acceptance from G-d – Christianity through “G-d loves you so he died for you to forgive your guck” and Judaism through “G-d created you and loves you as you are; there is no guck.”

The whole sin concept in both religions – maybe I’ll get into that another post.

But for now, Happy Easter to those who find love and acceptance through JC; and Chag Sameach to those who find love and acceptance through Hashem.


Rina (& Brittany)