Accepting Less..

Do you ever leave a conversation or experience with a person, thinking, “Wow, they took so much from me just now. What did I get?”  You wanted more.  You got less.  And you keep on in the relationship with the person, keeping on hoping for more and keeping on settling for less.

At least that’s what I’ve done in the past and saw myself doing again today.  What keeps this unhealthy thing going?  Hope.  Hope for love and acceptance.  Politeness.  Co-dependence.  Lack of awareness.  But mostly desire.

Every time I go into something hoping to get that love and acceptance or validation, I lose.  So I can go into it with no expectations (sometimes impossible), or I can STAY OUT!

Dear Rina, you cannot get from a person what you do not give yourself.  No one will fulfill you.  Not even him.  Not even her.  Dear Rina, stop doing that!  Stop opening yourself up with this hope and desire and leaving yourself grossed out and confused and insecure in the end.  When they reach out, build a wall.  Walls are good.  They keep you in.  They keep them out.  Boundaries, I remind you!  Love yourself.


Your Self