Healthy Self-Indulgence

Self-love is the thing these days.  Only for mommies sometimes it’s the last thing. Or the thing we’ll do tomorrow.

I went for a massage today, a holy witchdoctress of massage.  She is a friend who knows my tendency to be lazy, my tendency to indulge with food or wine or slouching on the couch or passivity.

“Your body is completely inflamed,” she told me.  “You have to be so careful about what you put in it.  It’s okay to indulge but you have to find healthy indulgences.  Like a walk.  Or a smoothie or a lot of leafy greens or touching the flowers and the earth.”

Weight has fought me my whole life.  Since first grade.  It has followed me, and I’ve lost it, and it’s followed me, and I’ve lost it again.  And it caught me again this past year.  Alll these pounds of it.  Pounds of pain and suffering and self-indulgence and comfort and avoidance.

And I had a breakthrough the other day to get on track to losing it again, which I know I can do and have done and can do with G-d’s help.

But I have to figure out a way without giving up my nature.  I’m me. I just have that love of comfort. I just have that need to indulge myself.  Hashem made me this way.  I’ve got to work it to my advantage, not my detriment, before my thyroid jumps out of my neck G-d forbid.

Here’s my list of healthy self-indulgences:

Smoothie with avocado

Hot yoga class

Writing on this blog instead of doing the dishes, just tonight, wink

Warm tea at night with turmeric and and a touch of cream (Golden Milk Tea recipe here)

A walk. My masseuse told me to find a way to love walking.  I just love sitting more.  We’ll see.

A walk with a friend.  That’s better.


Chinese herbs


A big salad at a restaurant someone else makes

A big salad I make myself

Pre-checked & washed salad greens

Cleaning help once a month.  So my floors get a real good mop at least once a month. (I added “real good” so you would judge me less.)

Mango, I find mango to be incredibly self-indulgent

Sushi from 7 Mile, brown rice only

Water with lemon in a cute cup

Who am I if I think water with lemon is self-indulgent?  Anyway, back to the list.

Epsom salt baths

Coconut oil everywhere and in everything

A really nice roast for Shabbos

Purple sweet potatoes with fancy butter

Fage Greek yogurt, plain.  Have you had this?  I cannot describe the heaven.  You might have to add fruit or honey or stevia… I actually love it with nothing when my taste gets adjusted to less sugar in my life.


Blackberries. I’m holding my ears if you tell me these aren’t kosher anymore.

Manuka honey. Minerals, healing power!

Aromatherapy and essential oils

Reading on the couch in my furriest blanket

Cleaning products that smell realllly good (Mrs. Meyer’s Bluebell or Basil, divine!)

Sleep.  Earlier sleep.

Marijuana tea for moms

Roasted veggies with Himalayan sea salt

Cauliflower poppers!



Designer olives

I’m losing the mentality that food is good or bad.  That food is fear.  I want to look at choices as either loving or not loving.  That’s it.  I want to be healed, physically, emotionally, all of it is so intertwined.

Sending permission for you to find a healthy self-indulgence today.