Beliefs that Need Healing…

At the recent Redemption School of Coaching training sessions, I got to listen in on some powerful healing truths being taught to a group of women learning to be transformation coaches.

Some brave women wrote their painful beliefs about themselves on a huge piece of paper , signed their name, and hung it on the wall.  Talk about vulnerability!

I’m reading Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, and all of these Redemption truths and Radical Forgiveness truths and Garden of Emuna truths are swirling around in my heart and soul like a big juicy ice cream sundae of deliciousness.  (Are ice cream sundaes juicy? Never mind.)

I left the coaching class inspired to write out my own limited beliefs, the little stories I hear in my head that hold me back and keep me small.  The triggers that others can pull with their smallest actions, the feelings Colin Tipping teaches are triggers because they need to be healed.

What are my beliefs that need to be healed?

I am not good enough.

I am in trouble.

I am wrong.

No one listens to me.

I don’t matter.

No one cares about me.

I don’t fit in.

No one likes me.

I am powerless.

I don’t have enough.

She is better than me.

Writing them out and speaking them out brings them into the Light.  The Light of Reality and Love.  Light exposes lies.  I’m accepting these beliefs and not trying hard at all to change them.  Just practicing seeing them when they show themselves.  Also thinking about where they came from, how they got stuck in there.  Fascinating! (But I don’t think the key to healing… the key to healing I think is Acceptance and Self-Love, aka EMUNA!)

I am a big believer in mantras – they helped me have 3 safe beautiful home births!  So I do like to change these negative beliefs to the positive truths and make a mantra out of it.  For example, “I always have enough and I always will.”  And then I like to look for proofs of this.

Sending Love,