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Does My Story Have a “Happy” Ending? momjoy

We get our hopes up, we get them crushed down. We expect a certain outcome and get a totally different one. It’s a little thing called Life! It sure isn’t a Hollywood script, but maybe there’s still happiness to be found… through emuna and acceptance.
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This was my brave face this morning. Can you see how actually terrified I was? I woke up scared. I had a terrifying opportunity. I didn’t feel ready for it. What if I fail and look stupid? What if I blow this one and only chance at success and never get another chance? What if I’m not good enough for the future I want? My stomach was doing crazy flips. “I am so scared,” I kept saying it to myself. Thank God I have some #mindset tools in my pocket… There’s a balance of feeling your feelings and changing them with new thoughts. I noticed the fear and felt it. I felt it Strong!!! Then I decided to take the medicine I dose out to the mommies I coach and coach myself with new “I am” statements. “I am so brave.” I said it even tho I didn’t feel it. “I am feeling this fear and doing this big thing anyway.” “I am taking steps toward my future.” “I am so brave,” I said it out loud and I began to honor myself and feel it as true. Then I heard my friend @aliciakeys singing about how I’m on fire, and I said “yep I’m so brave” even as the tears of fear swelled up tickling my cheeks and my insecurities. I got this even tho I don’t know for sure as I push my comfort zone to new limits. Coach yourself y’all! Choose powerful “I am” statements. Say I am brave when you feel scared. Say I am something good when you feel something bad. And find a way to make it true, find evidence for the new belief. I sat down in the office of my opportunity, and a card with the word “joy” was right in front of me. A wink from a higher power. In the end I kinda rocked my opportunity. I walked out of there feeling like a superstar. There was never anything to fear. DM me if you haven’t gotten in on my Mommy Mood Makeover yet… you deserve to know how to work thru negative feelings! It feels amazing!! #fearless #faith #emuna #emunah #mindset #mindsetiseverything #jewishgirl #jewishmom #singlemom #bossmom #southernbelle #fear #success

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