Feel Better About Motherhood in 8 Quick Days: A Miracle Mindset Makeover…

Being a mom is supposed to be the most rewarding, joyous role on earth, and sometimes it is. But let’s face it, sometimes being a mom feels awful. Tired. Overwhelmed. Resentful. Worried.  Did I say tired?   If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy! Confession - I’m a single parent of three boys under the age... Continue Reading →

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My Headcovering Highs & Lows (Live Video!)

In this FB Live video I talk for 42 minutes about hair!! LOL!  But it was about soooo much more...My rebellion against Jewish hair-covering when I was angry at GodMy fears of losing my beauty when I was first starting to cover my hair with a scarfHow much we pay for wigs as Jewish women! ... Continue Reading →

How to Fall in Love with God Again

The other day I picked up a 12-Step Addiction Recovery book, and became inspired to invent a really luxurious, awesome, perfect Higher Power for myself - a new God that I would enjoy believing in and fully trust.  (Stay with me, I assure you I haven't gone "off the derech" or created a cult...) Many... Continue Reading →

How is Anger the Opposite of Emuna?

We're allowed to be angry.  It's a human emotion.  It's there, created by our Creator, for a reason, as my friend in my FB group so eloquently put it:  "It’s truly a gift 🎁 and a lightbulb moment to help us notice, something is amiss...there’s something I must repair here..." For me, as I thought about what... Continue Reading →

The Moon, The Trees, and A Courtroom

I am sitting in a gorgeous old courtroom with intricate ceilings, waiting to convince the judge I’m not a great candidate for jury duy.  I don’t really want to be here; who loves jury duty?  I chickened out about wearing my “You Are Fake News” baseball cap that was going to be my surefire ticket... Continue Reading →

Puzzles & Mommy Overwhelm

Three days into a home stay-cation courtesy of the flu, 2 sick children, 1 sick mommy, freezing cold temperatures, and nowhere to turn hours into Shabbos, I decide to open a 1,000 piece puzzle.  Genius idea, genius. It's a 1,000 piece puzzle I bought for my 7-year-old for Chanukah, my 7-year-old who hates puzzles.  But... Continue Reading →

38 Affirmations for a Happy Life

We get stuck in our stories, the "facts" as we see them.  Which, often are only side vapors of the truth.  I like to write affirmations.  True truths.  Truths I can trust.  Even when they feel false, they are true.  And the more I say them, feel them, breathe them, the more I believe them. ... Continue Reading →

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